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I'm one of the many people for whom Hampstead Heath has a special place in their hearts. I started visiting the Heath about 10 years ago, at that time as a tourist who had read about "leafy Hampstead" in a guidebook. I've been coming back ever since, every time I visited London, and now I live here.

Taking lots of photos of Hampstead Heath and not doing anything with them, I decided to start this blog at the end of summer 2011, as a "one photo per day" project. This didn't work out - after a couple of months, it simply was too rainy, cold and dark to continue. After a break, I began posting photos again, but irregularly - some days just aren't for taking photos.

My aim is to share this beautiful place that I love so much with more people out there. My photos are just snapshots, I always try to capture the moment before it passes again too quickly. I hope you'll enjoy them.

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring photos Laura. So lovely of you to share with others. I intend to visit all these places near London now 🌝 Thank you.